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Give the gift of Zero Waste this holiday. 

This bento kit is perfect for on the go! Pack your lunch and say no to any unnessecary waste.


The kit includes:

1 Large Size Bento Bag (100% cotton, washable & reusable - multipurpose bag)

1 Sandwich Sized Stasher Bag (a reusable and washable ziplock bag alternative that you can cook in)

1 Utensil Kit (includes bamboo chopsticks, spoon, fork, knife, reusable stainless steel straw & straw cleaner)

1 Large size bento lunch tin (multi-layered tin perfect for packing lunches)


We will surprise you with a hand picked kit -

prints of the bento bag & color of the stasher bag vary

If you have a color preference please contact us and we will help you accordingly!

Zero Waste Lunch Kit